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In 2014, Mireysa began assisting Denis, her father with their family business, a landscape company based in Miami Gardens, Florida. As an upcoming designer at the time, she explored different digital solutions to create the online presence her father needed to not only thrive, but to also have an advantage over his competitors. In the process of creating his brand and website, Mireysa realized that she truly enjoyed the creative process behind it. She then proceeded to study marketing & development professionally. 

With the proper strategies in place, Denis soon discovered that their landscape company was receiving an increased number of calls, website traffic, and recognition in the service area. In fact, competitors started reaching out to compliment their work and even asked for his consultation. It was in this moment, Denis realized that small business owners were struggling to keep up within the age of digital transformation. They understood that the techniques that used to work for them in the past were evolving but they did not understand how to progress. 

In 2019, Mireysa teamed up with her sister, Genesis and her father, Denis to launch Yetro Digital. Their mission is to provide  clients with the clarity and digital solutions they need so that they can focus on what they do best. 

Yetro Digital offers a variety of services to entrepreneurs, small – medium business owners, corporations, and non-profit organizations. From creating a strong online presence to developing creative promotional products, Yetro ensures that each service is performed with the utmost quality to bring out the best of your brand.

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It's hard to find someone who can understand exactly what you want, create excellent work product for you, and fast service. With Mireysa, I got all that and more. I love the designs she created for me. She was easy to work with, timely, and very accommodating. I will be contacting her for all my business marketing needs.
LaKayla Fridie
Fridie Law